Epoxy resin glue modification method and selection of curing agent

All polymer compounds containing epoxy groups in the molecular structure are collectively referred to as epoxy resins. The cured epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties, it has excellent bonding strength to the surface of metal and non-metal materials, good dielectric properties, small set shrinkage, good product dimensional stability, high hardness, It has good flexibility and is stable to alkalis and most solvents, so it is widely used in national defense and various sectors of the national economy for casting, impregnation, lamination, adhesives, coatings and other purposes.
Physical and chemical properties
Modification method
 2. Add reactive diluent;
3. add filler;
4. Add other thermosetting or thermoplastic resins;
5. Modify the epoxy itself. 
WEICON Epoxy Adhesive
WEICON epoxy resin adhesive has two components (adhesive and curing agent), and different types of products contain fillings of different materials (steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, plastic, etc.) The physical and chemical properties are close to the raw materials, and the surface can be processed for secondary processing.
  1. choose curing agent;
Using epoxy resin as polyhydroxy component combines the advantages of polyurethane and epoxy resin, and has good bonding strength and chemical resistance. The epoxy resin used in the manufacture of polyurethane adhesives generally adopts EP-12 and EP-13. , EP-16 and EP-20 varieties.