It is not other things that affect the quality of silicone glue, but these

Silicone adhesive is a "well-known" silicone molecular adhesive in the glue industry. It not only has very good adhesion and peeling properties, but also is widely used in glass fiber and metal or stainless steel, ceramics and other substances for bonding. It is not other things that affect the quality of silicone glue, but these.

1. Raw materials
The raw material made by silicone adhesive is the source factor that determines the quality of the product. High-quality silicone adhesives are produced with high-purity silicone molecules as raw materials and mixed with additives. According to the coating online, the higher the purity of silicone molecules, the better the quality of the adhesive produced, and vice versa. The impurity of the silicone molecular material will reduce the adhesive force of the silicone adhesive during use.
2. Processing
The best silicone adhesives have very strict specifications in the production process, and can not destroy the standard principles during processing, otherwise it will affect the quality. The silicone adhesive needs to be heated or melted. The operator should always observe the heating time and temperature changes, so as not to damage the original properties of the product due to excessive heating time, resulting in reduced viscosity and peeling force, which will affect the quality of the entire silicone adhesive. .
3. Packaging
The produced silicone adhesive must be strictly packaged and transported. Improper operation of this step will also affect the quality of the product. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging has good sealing performance and can be properly shielded from light to prevent the special chemical substances inside the silicone adhesive from decomposing and reacting with light and affecting the adhesion. In addition, the coating line believes that it is necessary to ensure the firmness of the packaging and avoid the "invasion" of various sharp objects during the handling process, which will lead to glue leakage and affect the quality.
4. Storage environment
The silicone adhesive will be affected by the storage environment. The space environment where it is placed should be kept in a dark and dry state, and the outer packaging of the silicone adhesive should not be weathered and damaged by direct sunlight or wind and rain; in addition It is necessary to maintain good circulation of the stored environment, so as to facilitate the distribution of various odors of the glue and the quality of long-term storage.
The above are the factors that affect the quality of silicone glue. I hope to help you. After understanding the four factors that affect the quality of silicone glue, you can clearly know that the raw materials and production and processing or product packaging and later storage environment affect the quality. " the culprit". If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.