Understand the application of industrial glue in the packaging industry

Industrial glue is an application classification of adhesives. It is used in the industry to connect the surfaces of homogeneous or heterogeneous objects together with adhesives. The adhesives have the characteristics of continuous stress distribution, light weight, or sealing, and most process temperatures are low. Generally speaking, industrial glue has many characteristics such as high strength, wide temperature range, wide viscosity selection range, low price and easy production. Learn about the application of industrial glues in the packaging industry.

At present, the packaging materials are developing in the direction of beauty, lightness, durability, and the quality of the contents, and the production is developing in the direction of automation, mechanization and rapidity. Therefore, the adhesive must meet the above requirements: starch and modified starch adhesives are used in the production of various paper containers such as corrugated cardboard, paper bags, cartons, paper tubes and paper cups, and polyvinyl acetate homopolymerization or copolymerization is used for high-quality cardboard and paper containers. Adhesives and Hot Melt Adhesives. Because the latter is resistant to water, it can withstand the erosion of condensed moisture in the air taken from the ice store, as well as the changeable environment of long-distance transportation and even ocean crossing. PET bottle bases and cans for beverages can be glued with adhesive.
With the improvement of people's living standards, quick-frozen and fast food came into being. The packaging material is mostly plastic or aluminum film with a multi-layer structure compounded by an adhesive, which can withstand the sudden change of temperature from a refrigerator to a microwave oven, and is easy to use. Such composite film packaging materials can still be used for packaging of medicines, electronic components, chemical raw materials, etc.
Gluing technology can still make the production of cigarettes, bottle labeling and book box binding to the direction of high-speed production, and their production rates are 8,000, 1,300 and 100 per minute respectively.
Precision machined parts can be protected with pressure-sensitive tape or peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive surfaces from damage or damage during handling. The extensive use of pressure-sensitive tapes in the packaging industry greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves labor productivity.
The applications of adhesives in the packaging industry are as follows: ① manufacturing corrugated boxes, surface paste corrugated cardboard, box sealing, box making; ② folding boxes; ③ lamination; ④ pipe winding (spin and spiral winding ⑤ assembly boxes; ⑥ bags ; ⑦ label.
Polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol are important components in the production of adhesives for corrugated boxes. Starch adhesives are used for pasting corrugated board and box sealing; polyester adhesives are used for lamination of polyester film, aluminum foil and polyethylene film. Hot melts are used in various food packaging such as cartons, cans, bags, cups, laminated metal foils, etc.