Waterproof glue use, construction requirements and precautions

The general-purpose waterproof adhesive is made up of high molecular polymer emulsion and powder composed of inorganic materials. The product obtained by mixing the powder and additives uniformly according to the mixing ratio can be applied to the required parts and can penetrate into the interior of the substrate. Dendrite-like crystals are formed to block the water molecule channels in the structure, thereby achieving a waterproof effect. Waterproof glue use, construction requirements and precautions.

Product Usage
It is suitable for dry, non-long-term water immersion environments, and parts with vibration loads or large displacement of the base, such as roofs;
It is suitable for indoor and outdoor waterproofing works such as roads and bridges, tunnels and caverns.
Construction requirements
Treatment of the base layer: The base layer should be flat, firm, clean, and free of clear water. Cracks should be repaired, and the yin and yang corners should be made into arcs. Before using waterproof products, the old concrete must be cleaned with industrial detergents or oil stains with strong detergency, then rinsed with clean water, and painted after drying.
Preparation of primer: liquid material: powder material: water = 1: 1.2: 0.6 (mass ratio); stir evenly with an electric mixer before construction
To prepare the product: according to the liquid material: powder material = 1: 1.2 (mass ratio), slowly add the powder material to the liquid material, turn on the electric mixer at the same time, stir well, and it can be used
Operation points: Use a roller brush or scraper to coat, and use the method of thin coating multiple times. Each coating film should not be too thick, otherwise the drying time will be longer. The subsequent coating should be carried out after the previous coating has dried. The construction of the protective layer is carried out after the last coating of the waterproof layer is completely dry. (about 5-7 days at room temperature)
Can not be constructed below 5 ℃ or in windy, sandy and rainy days;
If the weather is humid or poorly ventilated, the coating film will dry slowly, otherwise it will be faster;
During construction, the ventilation of the construction environment should be ensured, and the construction should be completed within 30 minutes after the product is mixed;
The decorative layer cannot be pasted immediately after the construction of the waterproof membrane is completed, and the construction can only be carried out after the waterproof membrane is completely cured;
The construction of the protective layer shall be carried out after the coating film is completely dry and solid and qualified after acceptance.