How to remove super glue from hands? Any good ideas?

Glue is an intermediate connecting two materials. It mostly appears in the form of water agent. It belongs to the category of fine chemicals and has a wide variety of types. Glue does not exist independently, it must be applied between two objects to play a bonding role. How to remove glue sticking to hands? Any good ideas?
1. Put the stuck hands into cold water quickly! (Just be quick!) Putting it in before the glue is dry is effective, soak it for a few minutes, and when the superglue is solid, it will be much easier to snap off.
2. Super glue can bond hard objects well, but soft ones often have no lasting effect. Therefore, when the two fingers are stuck, they can be rubbed repeatedly (not too hard), just click at will, mainly to loosen the dried super glue.
3. Repeatedly drip the glue you are sticking to at the sticking place to soften the glue. Rinse quickly after the solid superglue has softened.
4. Pour a degreasing oil product such as insulating oil with a cap capacity to the bonding place. This can quickly make the cured super glue soft, and then you can rub it off.
5. Put the stuck hand in a pot of hot water that can be tolerated, and it will soften after a few minutes. Or repeatedly rubbing the stuck part with a damp and hot towel can speed up the softening of the cured superglue.
The above is how to remove the super glue sticking to the hand. I hope it will help you. In addition, in the use of glue, too much glue will cause the polymer bodies in the glue to crowd each other, and the polymer bodies will produce Not very good pull. If you have other questions about super glue, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.