Application of environment-friendly green adhesive

Green environmental protection is the theme of today's era, and the adhesive industry is indispensable to the awareness of green environmental protection. Adhesives, develop environmentally friendly and energy-saving adhesives, take the road of green adhesives, and let health accompany.

With the continuous enhancement of the concept of safety, green and environmental protection in the country, enterprises and customers, the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving adhesives. At the same time, it has become a new development trend in the adhesive industry to increase research and development efforts and develop new high-tech and high-performance adhesive products. Water-based polyurethane adhesives have been paid more and more attention because of their environmental protection, and the market potential is huge.

Relevant persons said that China's adhesive market has developed rapidly in the past two years, but it is still developing. At present, some developed regions and countries in foreign countries have widely used environmentally friendly green adhesives in different industries such as furniture, construction, shoemaking, and automobiles. The cost of environmentally friendly green adhesives is high, and it is difficult to launch.

The person also said that countries around the world have carried out a lot of research and development work in order to adapt to environmental requirements and economic benefits, and have formulated strict environmental protection regulations. Foreign customers have high requirements for product environmental protection, and the Chinese government is also actively promoting relevant green policy. Therefore, Chinese manufacturers have realized the importance of environmentally friendly green adhesives, and have realized that products that are not environmentally friendly mean that there is no market.

Environmentally friendly green adhesives are the direction of adhesives in the future. In automotive applications, some new adhesives have been adopted abroad. Adhesives for interior decoration materials replace traditional solvent-based neoprene rubber with odorless, non-toxic, flame-retardant, and safe water-soluble acrylic adhesives due to environmental concerns. It is believed that the future environmentally friendly green polyurethane adhesives will also attract more and more attention and attention due to their environmental protection performance. The use of environmentally friendly green adhesives in construction, furniture, shoemaking, automobiles and other industries has become a domestic adhesive manufacturer. direction.

Environmentally friendly green adhesives, jelly glue and gel glue, need everyone's joint efforts. Adhesive is a chemical substance and is used in different industries. For the sake of health, develop and innovate environmentally friendly and energy-saving adhesives and take the road of green adhesives. Xinli Adhesive will always go green and environmental protection.