What is the stability of glue related to?

Many manufacturers who use glue will ask the following questions, such as: Why does the glue we use slowly become opaque after being placed for a period of time? Why is the glue a little solid? Some of the above situations are related to some of our materials.

Stabilizers are used in the glue preparation process, and stabilizers are beneficial to maintain the stability of various physical and chemical properties during the preparation, production, storage, transportation, construction and use of glue. The stabilizer itself is relatively stable, and because of its own performance, it can also improve the stability of the main resin of the glue. For example, propofol gallate and zinc oxide commonly used in rubber PP glue, 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (2,6,4-antioxidant) used in general solvent-based glue cat agents, and Hydroquinone, hydrogen aldehyde, etc. in the PP glue cured by free radical polymerization, although the amount of such substances is very small, they have a great effect. They are indispensable in the formulation of high-performance PP glue.

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